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SNAL has a team of staff with the right qualifications and competencies for effective functioning as a university and national library. The library has a team of multi-skilled staff with sound subject knowledge necessary for an academic library. Apart from qualifications in library and information science that almost all Library Staff possess, many Academic librarians have bachelor degrees in disciplines that are offered at SUA such as agriculture, animal science, food science, human nutrition, wildlife, forestry, education and environmental science. This is a real strength because the librarians are conversant with the terminology and expertise in subjects offered at SUA. Moreover, a good number of Library Staff are trained in computer science or information technology which enables them to manage information resources and offer services in a modern electronic environment. Currently, SNAL has a total of 55 staff of which 17 are Academic staff and 38 are Administrative staff. A total of 22 staff have minimum of bachelor degree. Seven academic staff possess doctoral degrees.

Academic Staff

Administrative Staff