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By Jabir A. Jabir

Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL) was among the sponsors who participated in Saffepa book reading competition on 27th July, 2019 at Saffepa primary school, Morogoro.

Mr. Jabir

Mr. Jabir A. Jabir (Senior Library Officer) informing the visitors about various library and information services provided by SNAL 


Others include FINCA, Longhorn, SNAL, MCB, TBC, SUAFM and DIDA brands. Saffepa book reading competition is the competition which invites bring government and private schools together, to compete on book reading. This year thirty primary schools were invited from Morogoro municipal but only twenty four primary schools participated in the competition.

Participants on competition

Some participants on book reading competition with their teachers and parents

The schools which participated are Nguzo, Mwere, Bungo, Msamvu A and B, Mtawala, Top Stars, St. Monica, Kora Dini, Kihonda, Benson, Mazi mbu A and B. Others Chief Albert, St. Denis, Azimio, Mkundi, Eastern Arc, Sangasanga, Day Spring, Mwembesongo Kilongo and host Saffepa. A total of ninety six students participated in the competition and they were accompanied with forty eight teachers.

participants with books

Some parents and visitors happily holding books at SNAL display

Five best schools were awarded by SNAL a number of books for reading. These include Chief Albert, Mkundi, Msamvu B, Mwere and Nguzo. Best students in English were Idrisa Ruzegea from Bensen who was ranked number 1; followed by include Mussa Simba Mussa from Mtawala ranked number 2, and Perpetua Bernad ranked number 3. While in Swahili reading Rabia Balkis from Nguzo was ranked number 1; followed by Chichu Ramadhan from Mwere A ranked number 2 and Tatu Simkonda from Kihonda Magorofani ranked number 3.

Closing the event, Mwalimu Nyerere Commercial Bank representative commended the competition organizers and over-emphasized on the importance of such events. She said that not only the competition has brought together government and private primary school together but also it has been a stepping stone for pupils to build self confident in reading most especially in front of many people.