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By Anajoyce Samuel Katabalwa

Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL) has continued with the task of training farmers on how to access Mkulima collection at the National agricultural show (Nanenane), held at Nyakabindi grounds in Simiyu region.


Farmers training accesssing videos

Training session

Farmers receiving the ongoing training on how to access agricultural information resources on Mkulima collection are assessing it positively, commending the efforts as innovative. Recognising the value of knowledge uploaded, farmers are demanding more educative video to be added on Mkulima collection channel. The visiting farmers to the nanenane exhibitions asserted that watching videos helps them to understand and remember well the innovation process and practices.

training on accessing information resources on Mkulima
Training session

Mkulima collection hosts a number of videos on various topics covering crop production, animal husbandly, fish farming, natural resources management and agri-business, just to mention the few. For example, you will find the video on chicken feeds, and others. Farmers can access videos through the following link: Mkulima collection channel

Training on accessing Mkulima collection

Training session