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This study by Jeckoniah, et al (2019) titled: Socio-Economic Determinants of Household Participation in Out-growers Scheme and Investor Farm- Employment in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania, aimed at examining the socio-economic determinants of household participation in the out-growers and investor farm employment.

 Mkulima outgrowersUmwagiliaji

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The Results indicate further that demographic variables (younger age, household headship and household head marital status), household asset, household income and land size significantly influenced household participation in the investor farm employment (P<0.05). Therefore, household participation in the out-grower scheme favour youth household head, Male-Headed Household (MHHs), household in groups, household with higher land size, HHs with less access to credit and household with fewer assets. Participation in investor farm employment favours those households with older age, FHHs, low income, few assets, married, and households with large land size. It is recommended that there is a need for providing sugarcane technical training to out-growers.

Also understanding of the factors that affect household to participate in the out-grower scheme and investor farm employment and how they relate to participation decision should be an important part in designing interventions aimed at improving production uptake.

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