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 Cotul training

The Consortium of Tanzania University and Research Libraries (COTUL) of which SUA is a member held its Training workshop and Annual General Meeting in Mwanza on 2-4 December 2020. Five staff members [Prof. F.W.Dulle, Dr. W. Mtega, Mr. P. Abiud, Mr V. Inyasi, Mr. S. Chika and Ms L. Kasuke] from SUA attended the event in question. The theme for the workshop was “Discovery and Utilization of E-Resources for Supporting Research, Teaching and Learning”. The training workshop aimed at bringing together researchers, academicians, librarians, and information professionals to learn and share experiences on current trends on the discovery and effective utilization of scholarly content, marketing of e-resources and e-resources usage patterns.

There were also exhibitions from various publishers, of interest to SUA was an exhibition for E-books by Baobab E-book Services. This company provide various options and packages for E-books. The pricing modal for Members of Consortium is very attractive and would suggest SUA consider procurements of E-books in a future purchase. During AGM, among issues of concern, was low usage of E-resources in Tanzania.

It was observed that usage of E-resources was very low to some Institutions. SUA was commended for leading in the usage of E-resources from Emerald. The matter was discussed at length and it was recommended that each COTUL member institution should lay strategies to enhance the usage of E-resources subscribed by COTUL and other partners in order to get value for money. It was resolved that from the coming AGM, COTUL will start awarding certificates of recognition to institutions highly ranked in E-resources usage.