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SNAL acquires new document scanners to speed up the process of digitization of information at SUA

Sokoine National Agricultural Library – SNAL has procured two modern document scanners (CZUR ET16 Plus Book Scanner) in order to speed up the exercise of digitization thesis and other document and uploading them into the Sokoine University of Agriculture Institutional Repository – SUAIR and Mkulima Collection.

The move made through funds allocated by the SUA management as to improve the use of technology at the university. The digitization exercise of thesis, dissertation and other documents such as scientific papers and articles written by lecturers, books and other university documents was slowly done due by the use of older scanners which their speed and mode of scanning was not easy to upload many documents at a time.

In making sure SNAL staff mainly from Knowledge Management section are capable of using them a technician Mr. Salehe Senga from COSEKE company who supply them provided a day training on how to use and service them.

The process of digitization of those documents will easier the access of various information through library website and available them from remotely. The move will reduce need of a library users to come physical to the library since they can use it from where ever one is.


Knowledge management staff following closely on instruction given by a COSEKE Company technician Salehe Senga on how to use new document scanners.