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As part of its mandate to promote greater utilization of library services for research, teaching and learning purposes, Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL) Contacted a training for Staff and Students of Mizengo Pinda College Campus.

On 13th and 14th we had a training on student for the first two topic as we had to spend an ample time to demonstrate practically on search skills and how to locate appropriate information in need. The attendance was good for the first and second days as 101 students participated.

Training to staff was conducted on Monday 15th November 2021 where second and third topics were covered as we thought that academic staff and researchers at -last had a knowledge on information literacy. Second and third topics were covered extensively with hands-on practicals.
Generally the training aimed at raising awareness on how to utilize electronic resources, local databases that are owned by SUA and available through the Internet for all Campuses, and databases that SUA pays subscription fees.

The training was conducted by a team of three staff from Edward Moringe Campus namely Editha Njau, Stephano John and Shaban Chika. The training focused on the following topics which were chosen based on the fact that staff and students of the campus had never been oriented to such kind of training offered by SNAL:
1 Information Literacy – Skills of finding relevant information and knowledge of commonly used searching techniques from different sources (databases).
2 Introduction to E-resources – SUA subscribed electronic databases/resources and Open Access resources. Most of the very recent materials are found in  electronic form.
3 Citation and Reference Management using Mendeley Software – Store all your references in one place and cite seamlessly while writing your research paper, project and assignments.